Who We Are

From the Founders of BASIS Charter Schools:
The Better Education Company.

The education technology sector can be difficult to navigate. Schools are often faced with the option of paying hefty fees for a fully integrated suite of educational services or implementing a smattering of individual solutions that do not easily integrate.

We understand your challenges and constraints. We have a long history of empower educators and achieving superior educational and operational outcomes while improving efficiencies in all aspects of running an educational enterprise.

We Believe

  • Students receive the most benefit when we use data to EMPOWER the educators who are closest to the student.
  • That when you put the RIGHT DATA in the hands of the RIGHT EDUCATOR at the RIGHT MOMENT, they will make the RIGHT DECISION for their students.

We Work

  • We work with teachers and administrators to learn about the factors they wish to measure to help their students define success.
  • We ask your staff how they interact with your systems and data and we find ways to save them time – time they can focus back on supporting students and teachers.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of the same systems enablement and integrations experts, data analysts, visualizations specialists, and leadership team who were responsible for the exponential growth of the BASIS Curriculum network of schools.