May 26, 2020


by: Scott Petersen


Categories: Press Releases

Helping Schools Assess Distance Learning Efforts

Scottsdale, Arizona, (May 26, 2020) – The Better Education Company, a firm dedicated to helping schools capture, analyze, and actuate data to improve student outcomes, has announced the delivery of a suite of diagnostic surveys that will provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between COVID-19-related school closures and distance learning, and the effect that each has had on students and schools. The Better Education Company is leveraging its advanced analytics capabilities and proprietary machine learning algorithms to extract deep insights – and thus build relationships — between implemented actions, deployed technologies, student experience, outcomes, and environmental factors during this complex time for student learning.

“This unprecedented pandemic has turned the education world upside down, and we sympathize with school leaders, teachers, and families – all of whom are overwhelmed with the quick pivot to distance learning,” said Matthew New, CEO of The Better Education Company. “That’s why we want to assess and understand what has happened and may happen going forward. We have the tools and expertise to help right now, and schools can quickly capitalize on results and implement changes for the 2020-21 school year.”

This new educational offering is a premier survey tool combined with superior data analytics. The Better Education Company has the direct experience for quickly assessing and implementing what any school or district might need.

In March, as lockdowns began, the company helped one of the best charter networks in the world – BASIS Charter Schools — get online and deliver quality education in under one week, using an impressive mix of organic and off-the-shelf technologies.

And while there has been uncertainty for everyone in education, clients of The Better Education Company have said that changing to distance learning has had the immediate impact of drawing their teams closer together.

“That’s true! However, it certainly hasn’t been without its challenges,” agreed David Hubalik, Vice President of BASIS Charter Schools, the client of The Better Education Company mentioned above. “As we assess how to go from good to great, surveying our team members is perhaps more valuable than ever. The opportunity for our educators to speak openly and tap into the immense knowledge-base and experience we collectively have is an invaluable tool as we move forward in this new environment.”

Schools, networks, and districts can register to participate, or learn more about the COVID-19 Distance Learning Surveys.

About The Better Education Company
The Better Education Company was founded in 2019 by the technologists and founders of BASIS Charter Schools – the acclaimed network of top-ranked open-enrollment, tuition free public charter schools across the U.S. The mission of The Better Education Company is to help schools, networks, and districts improve student outcomes — and enhance American education overall — by capturing, facilitating, assessing, and actuating student and teacher data in the unique consumable manner that has made BASIS Charter Schools among the nation’s best since 1998. “Together we’ll make education better!”