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Our custom plugins and alerts were developed to extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies, add value, and enhance the user experience of PowerSchool's Student Information System.

Our alert for Distance Learning improves the attendance taking process by providing a dashboard view of students attending school from a remote location.

Our plugin for Bookmarks allows all users to save, organize, and manage links to any individual PowerSchool page.

  • Easily create bookmarks and organize into individual folders.
  • Provides immediate access to frequently used functions, resources and report pages.
  • Saves time and allows individual users to find information quickly and accurately.

Our plugin for Textbook Management is a seamless, cohesive virtual bookstore solution that is fully integrated with PowerSchool.

  • Reduces costs by removing the need for 3rd party textbook management systems.
  • Ensures data integrity with real-time integration of student, teacher and course information.
  • Simple setup and easily configurable.

Our plugin for Password Resets provides the capability to generate and email temporary passwords to Teachers and Staff.

  • Improves operational efficiencies by removing dependencies and wait times on internal support resources.
  • Includes a custom web server that resides on the PowerSchool application server.
  • Interacts with the PowerSchool API to become an identity provider.

Our plugin for Enterprise Reports centralizes and automates standard and custom report generation and distribution.

  • Automates report request, execution, export and email functions.
  • Includes report scheduling features.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces the wait times for Teachers and Staff.

Our plugin for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol provides key services to improve the LDAP experience.

  • LDAP Directory Setup to seamlessly configure PowerSchool to authenticate via an LDAP directory server.
  • LDAP Directory Synchronization to synchronize PowerSchool Sign In IDs with an LDAP directory server.

Learn more about our alerts and plugins for PowerSchool or schedule a demonstration to see how well they would work for you!