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Our Plugin for Better Password Resets is fully integrated with PowerSchool and provides a cost effective solution that enables users to dynamically reset their passwords without additional support.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Reduces operational costs by automating the password reset process and removing dependencies on manual ticket submission and internal support personnel.

Simple User Friendly Process

Teachers and Staff are enabled to reset their passwords by following a few simple steps to generate and receive a temporary, secure, policy compliant, password to access their account.

Time Savings

Installation and enablement takes minutes. Passwords are reset in seconds!

"I have been using PowerSchool over the last 4 years, and have experienced continual password resets that previously required submitting support tickets for someone to help assist me. I am beyond ecstatic that there is now an automated way to do so with the Better Password Reset. It is very straightforward and easy enough to use, that my team and I can quickly get back into PowerSchool, with no issues or delay."Morris Nguyen, Director of Systems Integration, SPORKtech
"By enabling the SIS user to reset their own password from the login page, the Better Password Reset function provides immediate assistance to the end user and has reduced my help tickets by as much as 50%! I love that I can focus my efforts on critical issues while teachers and staff can access their accounts without having to submit a ticket and wait for a reply."Lori Frye, Systems Specialist
  • Morris Nguyen
  • Lori Frye

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