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Our Plugin for Textbook Management is fully integrated with PowerSchool to enable school leadership to access needed data in realtime.

Performance and Time Savings

  • Reduces overall cost of textbook management by integrating with student data.
  • Real-time search capabilities and detailed views of historical textbook records.

Intuitive and Customizable Configuration

  • Custom configuration options for API settings, security roles and permissions, page and data layouts, and email alerts and notifications.

Seamless Integration with Open Library/Book APIs

  • Validate and retrieve book information, and reduce data entry errors with integrated PowerSchool, Open Library and Google Books APIs.
Sample screen shot from Powerschool
"The Better Textbook Management System has provided our school with an advance inventory module that allows me an easy-to-use, time saving system, to track the 4,000 plus textbooks we assign to students each year. It's absolutely brilliant!"Ali Moore
BASIS Phoenix
"This plugin has made a significant difference in our school's productivity. Not only is the program easy to use and navigate, we have saved so much time with checking books in and out to our students and staff. Not only that, but I can do all of these processes in less clicks of the mouse than our last system."Bradley Friesen
BASIS Charter Schools
  • Ali Moore
  • Bradley Friesen

Take Action

Learn more about The Better Textbook Management System or simply schedule a demonstration to see first hand how well it would work for you!

Plugin Details

Key Feature Functionality

  • Web-based technology
  • Real time versus scheduled updates
  • Mass Checkout/Return Functionality for up to 50 books at a time

Enhanced Textbooks Page

  • Intuitive and comprehensive user display
  • Multi-column filtering and search capability
    • Search by Title, Barcode, ISBN, and User
    • Filter by Location, Condition, Status, and Grade

Admin, Student and Teacher Pages

  • Custom security roles
  • Custom role-based user permissions

Configuration Page

  • Custom display options
  • Custom reporting features
  • Enable/disable 3rd party integration capability

Custom Report Capabilities

  • Export to csv, tab, clipboard, print and pdf capabilities
  • Show, hide or remove individual columns