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We are dedicated to helping schools, networks, and districts capture, analyze, and actuate assessment data. Assessment results, along with quantitative analysis, are used to identify the needed patterns, trends, and correlations to improve student outcomes. We:

  • Enable schools and networks to capture assessment data to answer your most difficult questions.
  • Oversee and manage data where needed, and format it to facilitate valuable data analysis.
  • Execute statistical and quantitative analysis which identifies patterns, trends, and correlations.
  • Provide actionable insights in a consumable format, and deliver action plans to improve student outcomes.

OECD Test for Schools

The OECD Test for Schools is a school-level assessment that prompts discussions on how to nurture a school and teaching environment and develops the types of knowledge, skills and competencies that are relevant in a rapidly changing world.

This assessment provides a holistic “health check” and benchmarks your school’s academic performance and its learning environment nationally and internationally.

Diagnostic Test for Schools

Our Diagnostic Test for Schools is an excellent proxy for the PISA and the OECD Test for Schools and was built to enable Networks, Districts and Schools with additional comparative data and corresponding action plans to support continuous improvements to their curriculum.

Custom Assessments for Schools

Leverage our expertise in assessment development and administration along with our world-class data analytics and reporting capabilities to build, deliver, and analyze custom assessments at your schools.

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