What We Do


We are dedicated to helping schools, networks, and districts capture, analyze, and actuate assessment data. Assessment results, along with our unique quantitative analysis, are used to identify patterns, trends, and correlations needed to improve student outcomes.

Software Development

We develop the middleware, APIs, plugins, and integrations that bridge and connect systems used in the education sector. Our teams continuously deliver high quality solutions following the agile software development model.

Alerts and Plugins for PowerSchool

Our custom alerts and plugins were developed to extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies, add value, and enhance the user experience of PowerSchool’s Student Information System.

Data Analytics

Our team of data analysts and psychometricians are experts in statistical and quantitative analysis which identify the patterns, trends, and correlations that provide valuable insights into your data.

Survey Services

We create custom surveys tailored to meet the needs of educators. Survey results, combined with our proprietary machine learning algorithms and analytics capabilities reveal the valuable insights to guide the decision making process.

Consulting Services

Our expertise lies in assisting networks, districts, and schools in improving student outcomes and achieving operational objectives. We focus on your most critical issues, and enable action plans to realize your goals.