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Our COVID-19 Education Impact surveys assess and analyze the overall impact that COVID-19 related school closures and distance learning transitions have had on both students and schools, and which factors fostered or hindered expectations.

Survey results will provide actionable insights for schools to inform the planning process as they approach an uncertain and unpredictable school year.

  • School Leadership, Parent and Student surveys
  • Correlation of key technological and environmental factors
  • Application of advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms
  • Real time visualizations and reporting
  • Advanced reporting and end-to-end survey consulting

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Network Parent Student Satisfaction Heatmap
Network Parent Student Satisfaction Heatmap
  • "This unprecedented pandemic has turned the education world upside down, and we sympathize with school leaders, teachers, and families – all of whom are overwhelmed with the quick pivot to distance learning. That's why we want to assess and understand what has happened and may happen going forward. We have the tools and expertise to help right now, and schools can quickly capitalize on results and implement changes for the 2020-21 school year."

    Matthew New,   Matthew New,   CEO of The Better Education Company
  • "Pivoting to distance learning had the immediate impact of drawing our teams closer together. The hard work, with a singular focus on uninterrupted learning for our students brought about the very best in our teams, however, it certainly hasn't been without its challenges. Now as we assess how to go from good to great, surveying our team members, is perhaps more valuable than ever. The opportunity for our team members to speak openly and honestly, tapping into the immense knowledge based and experience of each of our members is an invaluable tool as we move forward as the premiere educational option for families."

    David Hubalik,   David Hubalik,   Vice President BASIS Charter Schools

Your questions, answered.

Information gathered from this survey can help inform schools about the impact school closures had on students and parents so they can build upon the effectiveness of systems, integrations, policies, and procedures which best meet the needs of their school communities moving forward.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

No personally identifiable information is requested. We do not ask participant names, email address or other contact information.

All survey responses are anonymous. Some anonymous data may be aggregated and shared for comparison purposes; however, proprietary or identifiable data related to Districts/Schools will not be shared with other survey participants.

Individual responses cannot be modified or accessed once the survey is submitted.

District/School-level reports and visualizations will be provided to designated school leaders according to their selected delivery method. Data comparing your District/School to other similarly situated participants may be made available.